Burgers in Coolangatta

St Helens Coolangatta Bar & Grill has unveiled its exciting new menu featuring our delightful range of burgers.  This change has so far been a great success. Our patrons have warmed to our relaxed offerings. The Beach Bug Burger featuring fresh Moreton Bay Bug has proven to be a resounding favourite with the locals and […]

Kirra Beach Restaurants and Cafes

Kirra Beach Restaurants and Cafes are the lifeblood of Kirra Beach. Here at St Helens Coolangatta Bar & Grill, we are proud to be part of the little borough of Kirra. So, with many dining and drinking options available, Kirra is one of the up and coming areas of the GC.

Doug Roughton’s Colada Cocktail

But who is Doug Roughton? Another of St Helen’s signature cocktails with a pronounced local theme is the Roughton’s Colada. This cocktail pays homage to one of Southern Gold Coasts most influential residents, Doug Roughton.

Captain Goodvibes is Popular at the Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar Favourites Here at St Helens Cocktail Bar, our cocktails are interwoven into the fabric of the Gold Coast (and especially our local vicinity, Kirra Beach).  I am writing this blog about one of our most popular tipples, Captain Goodvibes. Don’t forget to make your food order before you start on these, they can […]