Burgers Coolangatta

St Helens Coolangatta Bar & Grill has unveiled its exciting new menu featuring our delightful range of burgers.  This change has so far been a great success. Our patrons have warmed to our relaxed offerings. The Beach Bug Burger featuring fresh Moreton Bay Bug has proven to be a resounding favourite with the locals and visitors alike.

We would like to highlight some of the other great burgers available around the Coolangatta and Kirra area.

But we still suggest you come in and try one of our Burgers!

Eddies Grub House

We’ll begin with the favourite of Coolangatta, Eddie’s Grub House.  Situated down the Tweed end of Cooly (Look for the Pink Hotel), Eddie’s serves up the most decadent burgers in town. They have a great bar scene themed with American style décor and cool graffiti.  So it’s no wonder Eddie’s attracts a crowd every night with their open mic night and great live music acts. And don’t forget to bring your appetite!

Bondi Grill’e Coolangatta

Another place doing burgers right is the Bondi Grill’e which is housed right under Reflection Tower #2. Bondi Grill’e has just moved to their fancy new digs after being on the Coolangatta strip on Marine Parade. Mainly a Steak House, Bondi Grill’e also has a great range of quality burgers. There are several chicken burgers, beef burgers (of course) and even a New Zealand lamb burger to try!

Jays Food Emporium

A place which is well known for Breakfast is Jays Food Emporium.  They have two stores. One down the road from St Helens in Kirra Village and one on the main road of Coolangatta, Griffith Street. So, at lunchtime, they offer burgers which can be served with any of their trademark sauces. 

Haig Street Café

Up the Northern end of Kirra is Haig Street Café. Formerly known as Kirramisu. Haig Street serves up a selection of four burgers with a magnificent beach view to boot. Accompany your burger with either normal café offerings, or splash out on a cold beer or a glass of wine.

Grill’d Coolangatta

Of course, we have to mention the great franchise, Grill’d Coolangatta. Placed right up the North end of Marine Parade.  And there’s not much I have to say about this place that most of you don’t already know. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s worth giving it a go sometime.