Cocktail Bar Favourites

Here at St Helens Cocktail Bar, our cocktails are interwoven into the fabric of the Gold Coast (and especially our local vicinity, Kirra Beach).  I am writing this blog about one of our most popular tipples, Captain Goodvibes.

Don’t forget to make your food order before you start on these, they can be a little addictive!

Who is Captain Goodvibes?

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Before we get into the cocktail itself, the “Goodvibes” name, like many of our cocktails has a distinctive Gold Coast surfing origin hailing from yesteryear.  Captain Goodvibes originated in May 1973 as a cartoon character featured in the famous surfing newspaper, Tracks. Created by Australian cartoonist, Tony Edwards.  

As the story goes; Goodvibes (otherwise known as the Pig of Steel) started his life as a Pork Chop who was then mutated by chance by a nuclear plant explosion into a hard-drinking, dope-smoking, straight-talking pig with a tunnel-shaped snout who makes the beaches of Australia his home. So Captain Goodvibes became an icon of Australian surfing culture. And in 1992 Australian Surfing Life magazine named Captain Goodvibes one of “Australia’s 50 most influential surfers”.

But Edwards admits that he rarely knew how each adventure would end, let alone start…and that the creativity behind the strip was usually fuelled by creative amount of gunja! The strip had a very Terry Gilliam inspired, psychedelic feel to it, but it was Edward’s humour and full-on rough Aussie charm of the Captain himself which made the strip such a success.

More Goodvibes

So for those interested in finding more about Captain Goodvibes there are Comic Books available.

  • Whole Earth Pigalogue from 1975
  • Captain Goodvibes Strange Tales 1975
  • Captain Goodvibes Porkarama 1980
  • A Short film called “Hot to Trot” from 1977 and a maxi-single “Mutants of Modern Disco” 1978

The Captain’s last publication on Tracks Newspaper was in July 1981. Tracks Newspaper.

How we make it in our Cocktail Bar

So onto the Cocktail which bears the great Captain Goodvibes’ famous name.

We start with 30ml of your finest vodka added to a cocktail shaker. Then add 15ml of Triple Sec, 45ml of Passionfruit syrup, 30ml of fresh Lime Juice, add ice, then shake well. Pour into short tumbler, then top with Soda Water and drizzle 10ml Grenadine down the side of the glass to settle on the bottom. Garnish with a quarter slice of passionfruit. Perfect for sitting out on the balcony during a sunny Gold Coast day!

Captain Goodvibes

  • 30ML VODKA


  1. Pour Vodka, Triple Sec, Passionfruit Syrup and Fresh Lime Juice into shaker.
  2. Add Ice and Shake well
  3. Pour into Short Tumbler 
  4. Top with Soda Water and drizzle grenadine down the side of the glass
  5. Garnish with quarter of Passionfruit.

I hope you enjoyed our Captain Goodvibes blog as well as the Cocktail.